Tuesday, April 24, 2012

StacysSweets Etsy Shop

I am a dessert addict. I always have to have a little nibble after supper. Cake pops are and adorable and delicious treat, but with built in portion control.

I want share another Etsy shop I found with you all.

StacySweets specializes in cake pop creations. From a child's birthday party, to a baby shower, or a sporting event she has the perfect dessert.

Read on for an interview with the baker herself.

How did you start baking cake pops?

I was at a sweet sixteen party and there were cake balls. I had never seen or heard of them before. I thought they were so cute and diffrent so i searched a few websites and decided to try and make them. When family and friends started asking for more i thought i would countine to make them and try new and different ideas with them.

What else do you like to bake?

Yes i love to bake, i bake cakes and cookies for my family. I am always tring new ideas that i might run across on the web or in books.

What's your all time favorite recipe that you make?

I would have to say its the strawberry cake that i make.

Click HERE to visit her Etsy shop and find yourself a tasty treat today.

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