Sweepstakes Secrets

The title of this blog is Sweepstakes Secrets so I guess your expecting the secret to winning some prizes huh?

Well you will not be disappointed.

Here are my top 7 secrets that will get you winning in no time.

1. ENTER. It sounds so simple, but its the biggest secret there is. You simply can't win if you don't enter. One chance of winning is better than none.

2. Find a sweepstakes site to help you find the latest and greatest sweepstakes. My personal favorite is http://www.sweepsadvantage.com/. Please note this is NOT an ad or a plug. This is really the site I use every single day to find sweepstakes that are expiring soon, and that are just added. They also have a place where you can save your daily sweepstakes to enter everyday without the hassle of bookmaking or deleting them when they expire.

3. Enter daily sweepstakes EVERY day. Say a sweepstakes runs for 30 days. If you enter every day you have 30 chances of winning! If everyone else enters only once or twice ,but you enter everyday you have many more chances of winning than they do.  However, please don't beat yourself up if you miss a day. Life happens.

4. Enter blog giveaways. Blog giveaways have much lower entries so you are much more likely to win! There are hundreds of blog linkies I can't choose just one to share with you. Try googling blog giveaways linkies for the most popular ones.

5. Only enter for prizes you really want to win. You may just want to win something, however this is bad for two reasons. First, you'll end up with stuff you don't need that could be used by someone else who really wants it. Second of all you could use the time you spent entering those to enter things you really want to win.

6. However, with that being said don't limit yourself to JUST high end electronics, or just makeup for example. You might not like  flowers, but maybe they'd make a great gift for your wife. Also, you may not like to shop at Walmart, but if you win a giftcard you could drop in and buy paper products, that will save you money elsewhere in your budget. Also, be on the look out for easy to sell things like tablet computers or giftcards that you could exchange for something you'd really like.

7. Keep a positive attitude. I firmly believe in the law of attraction. Like attracts like. Having a positive attitude will only help bring good things your way. It also helps make this whole process a lot more fun! :)

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